How To Present Yourself More POWERFULLY And Get More Of What You Truly DESERVE In Life Without Coming Across Like An Arrogant Douchebag Who Lacks Integrity

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I was tired of working really hard all the time and not getting even close to the results in life I thought I “deserved.”


I guess I was getting in life results that were “better than most” so I know I shouldn’t complain too much.

It’s just that it was nothing even close to what I wanted or felt I could earn.

And, of course, I wanted to EARN it. I never have and never will want anything given to me. That’s just not me.

And I would never do anything even the slightest bit “shady” like I see some of those other guys doing who are really getting a lot more than me.

No, thank you.

Integrity is way too important to me. If it was between getting “more” while compromising my integrity, well, I’ll settle for “less.”

Can you relate to the feelings that plagued me for years? Are my values your values too?

Well, what if told you there was a way to “crack the code” to getting more from your talents and abilities without compromising your integrity like those other guys?

What if I told you that I now realize I didn’t “deserve” anything more in life that I got?

What if I tell you that didn’t deserve “jack” because I didn’t know how to “crack the code” that really gets you more in life?

What if I told you that I now realize that most of those other guys who were getting so much more than me were NOT really tap-dancing around integrity like I assumed?

What if I told you that they just “cracked a code” like I eventually figured out in my way of thinking and taking consistent action?

POWER . . .




That’s what it really took.

Not more work or working harder.

Not being a “better person” if that was even possible or measurable anyway.

I was always a very good person before and still am today.

I just have a lot more to show for it these days. (And I’m NOT talking only about money. Just like you, there are a lot more things in life that are far more important to me than money!)

That’s EXACTLY the emotional journey that had me go on my personal MANformation years ago and then creating the MANformation Confidence and Leadership audio seminar course “The Mindset and Actions of Powerful Alpha Male Leader.”

Hundreds of men around the world just like you massively benefited from that life-changing, perspective-altering course.

But there is still MORE in this world for us to go out and earn, don’t you think?

I’m getting this message out to you because I’ve been taking things up quite a few notches since creating the MANformation program.

You’re on a special list that’s being the first people being introduced to MANformation University.

It’s a Members Only website that you’ll have access to 24 hours a day. It’s a much, much better presentation than all of that value you got from the first MANformation course.

You’ll get instant access after your first payment goes through.

For signing up TODAY, you’ll get the 11-hour audio seminar course with workbooks, MANformation II: Get Your Swagger Back! absolutely FREE ($249 Value).

POWER . . .




You can cancel your monthly membership at any time–but I’m sure you won’t even think about doing that once you get ADDICTED to the power, influence, and persuasion skills.

For less than $1 a day, here’s everything you get.

Sign up today for only 29.99 a month.

$60 a month value

Special Price Only $29.99 a month


Learn more about this incredible DAILY PERSONAL GROWTH environment I’ve created for you:

Daily Video Lessons

These Daily Video Lessons will be the key to unlocking and fully stepping into your power, influence, and persuasion abilities.

This will be your daily “exercise.”


That’s really important and you’ll know why when you come back to this section over and over again.

It’s important that you check in every single day for your “workouts” even when you don’t feel like it or you don’t think that your efforts are paying off as quickly as you’d like.

Keep on keepin’ on, as the saying goes, right here with the Daily Lessons.

Organizing Principles

Every building is built upon a foundation.

Every argument is formed on a set of beliefs.

Every MOVEMENT is fueled by conviction, purpose, and passion.

You’ll get to know a lot about me by watching the videos in this section. You’ll get to know what has motivated me to create such an environment.

My hope is that you’re a lot like me so that you can benefit MASSIVELY from what I’m sharing with you.

In this section of MANformation University, I will outline the “Organizing Principles” or the foundation that my drive to bolster our power, influence, and persuasion abilities are built upon.

Group Coaching Calls

Our journey to becoming more powerful, influential, and persuasive comes with a lot of challenges.

Making sure that we do so with 100 percent integrity is just one of them.

We are a unique breed of men.

We should celebrate our uniqueness too.

It’s challenging when we don’t have many people in our lives who understand why all of this is so damn important to us or support our focused efforts.

It’s already tough enough.

Another huge challenge is constantly battling the thoughts rattling around in our heads wondering “Am I doing this right?” How can we ever know for sure if we are on the right path if we are never around people who think like us or have the same goals in life?

It’s tough.

Really tough.

The monthly Group Coaching Calls are added to this already outstanding, DAILY action-oriented personal growth tool to address those challenges head on and provide you with the added courage, insight, objectivity, and perspective so that you can finally just put your head down and get to work.

Resources That Bolster Your Power, Influence, and Persuasion Skills

I have spent well over $300,000 dollars in books, courses, live seminars, and intense one-on-one, private coaching to get closer and closer to using all of my talents and abilities to the fullest.

More importantly than that, I took a lot of consistent action with the powerful lessons that I learned.
This incredible hunger and drive to become the very best man that I can possibly be is NEVER going to end.

And, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

You are going to benefit greatly from everything that I have learned about power, influence, and persuasion in the past.

You are going to benefit greatly from everything that I will learn about power, influence, and persuasion in the future.

In this section, I am going to share some of the best resources that will bolster YOUR power, influence, and persuasion skills that I have come across in the past and also what I discover in the future.

Priority For One-on-One Coaching Sessions With Skip La Cour

No matter how determined we are or how hard we work, we ALL lack at least some objectivity and perspective that could make our journey a lot easier and more fulfilling.

That’s why, no matter what I’ve accomplished in the past, I continue to get one-on-one coaching.

If there is anything that you learn, experience, or feel during the time that you invest here in MANformation University that you want help with, I want to make myself available to you.

We can set up a single coaching session, a block of them, or what I really suggest that you do if you are committed to creating real, long-lasting, effective, and efficient improvement, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions for an entire year.

Either coaching route you take, I’m certain that I can help you get to the next level and much faster than doing it all alone.

I’ll be giving those who enroll in MANformation University a much higher priority when allocating my limited time that I make available for one-on-one coaching.

BONUS: MANformation II: Get Your Swagger Back!

MANformation II: Get Your Swagger Back! is a life-changing audio seminar course that I developed because I was pressed so hard to produce more confidence and leadership material by the hundreds and hundreds of men around the world who got so much out of MANformation “The Mindet and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader.”

I don’t care how much pressure I am getting and by how many driven men though, NOTHING is ever going to get in the way of me producing anything that doesn’t pass my rigid (oftentimes, too rigid) “integrity tests.”

It took me a few years to come up with material that I thought would be worthy to follow the original MANformation course.

Well, this is it.

Hundreds of men invested in MANformation II: Get Your Swagger Back! with it’s $249 value and many thought it was even BETTER than the first course.

You’ll get MANformation II: Get Your Swagger Back! absolutely free and all of it available to you immediately just for signing up for MANformtion University today.

It’s just an awesome added BONUS for TAKING ACTION NOW.

Here’s What You Are Getting With This Incredible BONUS:

• Eleven (11) EMPOWERING Hours of Alpha Male Leadership Strategies

• Five (5) Structured Sessions

• Over 150 Pages of Workbooks That Guide You Through the MANformation Process

• This course takes Everything You Learned in MANformation “The Mindset and Action of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader” Audio Seminar Course to the NEXT LEVEL

Here’s what you’ll learn from this awesome Alpha Male Leadership audio seminar course:

Become A MASTER At “MANforming” Into A Leader.

The MANformation II: “Get Your Swagger Back!” audio seminar course will create even more FOCUS on developing your leadership skills and make you a true MASTER.

Learn What It Really Takes To Compete And Win Against More Powerful Men.

You will learn exactly why the “next level” of your MANformation is head-to-head competition against other men who are more talented, experienced, and powerful than you are now. To compete and win at this level takes an entirely new level of understanding of yourself—and other people. Thinking and doing “more of the same” simply will not work!

Put Your MANformation Into OVERDRIVE With Skip La Cour’s MANformation II: “Get Your Swagger Back!” Audio Seminar Course.

• Eleven (11) EMPOWERING Hours of Alpha Male Leadership Strategies

• Five (5) Structured Sessions

WARNING: Some of this material may SHOCK you. You may want to RESIST IT. You may even want to believe what you are hearing simply isn’t true! However, it will give the REALITY CHECK you need to understand how you must start playing the game of life—and FINALLY start getting what you want.

Get The Most Out Of Your Own Personality.

You will learn exactly how to get the very MOST of your own story of events and experiences, your own personality, and your own character qualities to make your life work the way you want.

Learn How A Powerful Alpha Male Leader Thinks And Takes Action In 10 Crucial Aspects Of Life.

MANformation II: “Get Your Swagger Back!” is extremely POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE because it delves deeply into 10 crucial aspects of life (The Alpha Male Leader Crucial 10). These aspects are considered “crucial” because they will make you or break you. They are considered crucial because there are so many levels of understanding and levels of execution. The higher level of understanding you have, the higher level you can execute what needs to be done to succeed.

The MANformation Lifestyle System Will Keep Your Progress On Track.

You will be given a structured, yearlong daily “system” called the MANformation Lifestyle System. This system will reinforce everything you’ve learned, stimulate your continued growth, and make you accountable for your continuing MANformation.

You’ll Get Easy And Effective MANformation Coaching.

You’ll get a collection of over 200 empowering statements called MANformation Alpha Power Statements (MAPS). You will listen to your coach, Skip La Cour, pounding these directives into your subconscious mind over and over again. What’s awesome about these statements is that you can listen to them in a passive manner and still have them work. Your subconscious mind will absorb the powerful lessons and will remind you of the man you are continually working to become. One audio file is strictly coaching and another one is coaching set to powerful music. These MAPS are great to listen to at your desk, when you drive, work out in the gym, take walks, or any downtime activity that you want to make a more productive and personal growth experience.

You’ll Get Your “Swagger” Back!

You’ll earn a renewed focus and dedication to the MANformation Alpha Leadership skills that have already proven to be effective. Your renewed focus and dedication will bring you back to where you used to be and through any challenging times. Your renewed focus and dedication will propel you to a higher level of understanding and, most importantly, EXECUTION and RESULTS—no matter what level you are at right now.

You’ll Get The “Alpha Edge”!

You’ll learn the importance of knowing EXACTLY what you want out of every situation. You will learn the importance of having a plan as to how you will get it—long BEFORE you enter a situation. You’ll learn the importance of having more clarity, desire, and focus than “The Competition.”

$60 a month value

Special Price Only $29.99 a month


You don’t this amazing 11-course with training videos yet?

MANformation Confidence and Leadership Course

“The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader”

There’s A “Code To Crack” That Will Make You More Confident In Your Thoughts And Actions

MANformation “The Mindset And Actions Of A Powerful Alpha Male Leader” is an extremely powerful personal development course that outlines and explains the qualities, characteristics, and actions of the most powerful, influential, and charismatic men in the world. It is a structured series of Alpha Male confidence and leadership strategies that will transform you into the MAN you really want to be.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now; what level of accomplishment and fulfillment you have or haven’t achieved so far; and it doesn’t matter what age you are, the MANformation audio seminar course will help you become a better version of who you are now step-by-step and one strategy at a time.

Become The MAN You Really Want To Be And Get All The Options In Life That You Really Want!

This audio seminar course is over 11 hours and 30 minutes and you get workbooks, and a series of short training videos too. You’ll also have lifetime access to this course in the Members Only website.

MANformation “The Mindset And Actions Of A Powerful Alpha Male Leader” will help you get what you really want in life by getting you to grow, step up, transform, and “MANform” into that powerful Alpha male and that effective leader among men that’s inside each and every one of us.

MANformation “The Mindset And Actions Of A Powerful Alpha Male Leader” will help you get what you really want in life by explaining exactly HOW to become an Alpha male and leader in every situation that you will encounter in your life.

MANformation “The Mindset And Actions Of A Powerful Alpha Male Leader” will help you get what you really want in life by outlining the MANformation Alpha male “Code of Conduct” in your personal relationships; your business relationships; at work and in business; and even in the gym.

And then putting you on a physical, mental, emotional, and psychological “practice and exercise routine” (so to speak) so that you successfully integrate these powerful leadership qualities, characteristics, and actions into your OWN personality. It’s important for you to understand that MANformation doesn’t try to make you into someone who you aren’t. That’s impossible. MANformation takes that great person that’s already inside of you and builds upon that foundation in an effective step-by-step process.

MANformation “The Mindset And Actions Of A Powerful Alpha Male Leader” effectively teaches you Specific Alpha Action Strategies (or, SAAS). You’ll be able to immediately start using most of these strategies the very moment you become aware of them and are convinced that they will indeed transform you into the MAN you really want to be.


Skip La Cour is so confident that you’ll believe that this audio seminar course and videos deliver far more of a value than the money that you invested that he’s offering a 100 PERCENT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied. All that your new coach, Skip La Cour, asks of you is that you go through the entire program, take notes throughout it, fill out the exercises in the workbooks, and “leave it all on the floor” during your journey.

Regular Price $249

Special Price Only $147


Session One
Why “Nice Guys” Finish Last

(1 hour and 54 minutes)

The reason why you are not getting what you want in life-at the level you really want-may be in how you are defining the word “nice” in critical situations in your life. Alpha Leaders interpret being “nice” as mature, productive MEN. Conversely, Passive Followers who struggle to get what they want in life still think and act like the obedient little BOYS that they were expected to be when they were young.

Learn dozens of the most-insightful SPECIFIC differences in the way an Alpha Leader interprets being “nice” and “fair” compared to less-dominant men and passive followers. Adopt this Alpha Leader mindset, even the playing field, and FINALLY begin to win at the level you want to win.

Session Two
The Body Language Of A Powerful Alpha Leader

(1 hour and 58 minutes)

You can spot a powerful and charismatic Alpha Leader the moment he walks into a room, can’t you? Why do you think it is so obvious to everyone that he is “the man” without knowing a thing about him?

Learn dozens of the most-intriguing, SPECIFIC things an Alpha Leader does with his body language, facial expressions, eye movements, and voice qualities in certain situations that transmits his strength, certainty, and confidence. Also, learn what he will NEVER do in other situations because doing so will take away from his powerful presence. Adopt this body language at the appropriate time and become more influential, persuasive, and charismatic to those people around you.

“Skip La Cour’s messages in MANformation ‘The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader’ are insightful, poignant, and thought provoking. I find myself listening to each session multiple times for fear of missing something and the internal desire to drive home these life-changing concepts. The first session alone was worth the price of admission!”

Greg Phelps

CFP, CLU, AAMS , Las Vegas, NV

Session Three
The Specific Influence, Persuasion, and Charismatic Skills Of An Alpha Leader

(2 hours and 4 minutes)

The Alpha Leader has the amazing ability to get other people to willingly, joyfully, and enthusiastically help him get what he wants in his life.

Learn dozens of the most influential, persuasive, and charismatic skills of an Alpha Leader. Adopt these winning skills and you, too, will get people excited to help you get what YOU want.

Session Four
The Structured Thoughts, Actions, And Lifestyle Of A Powerful Alpha Leader

(2 hours and 11 minutes)

Learn dozens of the SPECIFIC ways an Alpha Leader structures his day and gets himself to follow through with what he knows he needs to do to get what he wants in life.

Adopt this structure and you’ll start leading your own life more effectively-and leading others too.

“This information that you shared in ‘MANformation The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader’ was EXACTLY what I needed at this stage of my life. I had a pretty decent amount of confidence already but this course took things to a much higher level in a really short period of time. It was like you were speaking directly to me and that’s made the lessons crystal clear in my mind.”

Adam Ference

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Session Five
Goal-Setting Workshop – Alpha Leader-Style

(1 hour and 58 minutes)

An Alpha Leader wins in life at an incredible level because of his outrageous standards, tremendously high expectations, and lofty goals. With what you’ve learned during the previous four Seminar sessions, you will NOW be ready to start going for what you REALLY want out of your life-instead of only what you’ve been settling for in the past.

This goal-setting session will make you more assertive, create an Alpha Leader model to aspire toward, and get you to enthusiastically work toward it.

Session Six
Successfully Integrating The Thoughts And Actions Of An Alpha Leader Into Your Lifestyle

(1 hour and 32 minutes)

Learn dozens of the most-effective, SPECIFIC strategies an Alpha Leader executes for CONTINUAL mental, emotional, psychological, and physical growth.

When you execute these powerful and charismatic leadership strategies, you will enjoy CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT in your Alpha Leader thoughts and actions.

“Like many people around the world, my first attraction to Skip La Cour was for what he accomplished as a bodybuilder and leader in the natural bodybuilding world. I really respected that about him and I wanted to do the same. When I saw that he was offering a ‘confidence and leadership’ course, I was intrigued. MANformation ‘The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader’ came into my life at a time when I really needed it. It changed my beliefs about how I should conduct myself as a man in such a powerful way. The course was definitely the beginning of a mental and emotional growth spurt that I’ve been experiencing for a long time now. I don’t want to think about how my life would have continued if I wasn’t shaken up with this course in such a meaningful way.”

Tyler Leenknecht

Renton, WA

MANformation Training Video Series


You’ll also get 12 “quick start” short videos of the most-talked about and most mind-shifting concepts that have impacted the men who have gone through the MANformation “Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader” course over the years.

“I came to Skip La Cour for coaching because I respected him as a bodybuilder. I’ve wanted to cross entering a bodybuilding contest off of my ‘bucket list’ for a very long time and I knew that he could help me do that. What I got from Skip as a coach and mentor was so much more powerful and meaningful in my life than what I thought I needed. Sure, I did really well in my contests. But Skip insisted that I invest in his MANformation ‘The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader’ and listen to it while I was preparing for my show. He knew exactly what I needed before even I did. My life will never be the same as I am getting closer and closer to becoming the the MAN who I’ve always wanted to be and this course is what started the incredible shift in my mindset.”

Carl Hagen

Phelen, CA

Regular Price $249

Special Price Only $147


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Register to MANformation University Daily


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