How To Set Up A One-on-One Coaching Session With Skip La Cour

No matter how determined we are or how hard we work, we ALL lack at least some objectivity and perspective that could make our journey a lot easier and more fulfilling.

That’s why, no matter what I’ve accomplished in the past, I continue to get one-on-one coaching.

If there is anything that you learn, experience, or feel during the time that you invest here in MANformation University that you want help with, I want to make myself available to you.

We can set up a single coaching session, a block of them, or what I really suggest that you do if you are committed to creating real, long-lasting, effective, and efficient improvement, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions for an entire year.

Either coaching route you take, I’m certain that I can help you get to the next level and much faster than doing it all alone.

I’ll be giving those who enroll in MANformation University a much higher priority when allocating my limited time that I make available for one-on-one coaching.

(It’s always a powerful practice to watch the section videos like this one over and over again–and over time. There will always be key distinctions that you’ll pick up in the coming months that you didn’t pick up before while watching and even more distinctions that you didn’t have the same appreciation for.)